Thursday, November 8, 2012

GUYS!  check out Johnny's ride!  he will be building along with us on the show!  here is his email and some pics..enjoy!

Ok here you go
Rockhell is a 1951 Chevy Styleline Deluxe i got her about 5 years ago from a guy here locally that had to many projects. I had been looking for ever for an old car that I could afford. then one day there she was. I went at the worst time to buy a car at night to get her. when i got to the guys house she did not run the starter was shot, but he said he had just bought a new one to put in. I said let put it on now and see if she fires. he didn't like that idea to much and asked me to come back in the morning. I said look i put it on and if she fires i will buy her tonight. long story short she did. I picked her up for 1400 and drove her home that night. As you can see she has a ton of body work to be done and time is not on her side. with all the rain here i need to fix the rust soon or i am afraid she is a gonner. People have said to me just buy a new body, as the frame and motor work great. but I can! she would not be the same girl. I am not looking to make her a show winning car but something i can drive around proud of.. I love my car so much i just need the know how on getting her repaired..I have the will i just need a way..johnny

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